My mom, friends and the success of Olivier Roustieng inspire me. They inspire me to follow my dreams. They give me hope that all the hard I am doing will pay off in the future.

M mom pushes me to do better. I do not so much like her technique of how she does it. Every time I have completed a accomplishment, she pushes me to do more. She always finds something that I have not thought of to bring up. I deal with it because at the end of the day I know it is all just tough love.

Seeing my friends succeed makes me happy. The friends I have want to see every one in the group succeed. We motivate each other not to give and to keep chasing our dreams. Also we give the feedback needed to enhance each others talents.

Oliver Rousteing became a creative director of Balmain at the age of 24, one of the youngest including Yves Saint Laurent. I aspire to have success in the fashion industry at a young age. I don’t want to be ran over and used by a company that is not mine. I am better than that.

I try to inspire people. I love to see people following their dreams. Giving up is easy and I try to stop anyone from giving up when they have the talent to succeed. I know everything isn’t for everyone but if you have thee talent a person might as well capitalize off of it while they can.



If money were no problem I would live it up in Dubai, the land of the rich. I admire the tall building. I dream of going on a shopping spree in Dubai; the shops there are huge. I have seen beautiful picture across social media. If I could go I would take my Cousins, Nadirah and Aliyah Shabazz, and my sister, Tyler Jackson. We would have a blast. I would go ATV riding around neighborhood touring nice neighborhoods. Nightlife is probably super fun. I want VIP service everywhere I go.

From the list of 21 things travelers want I would like to bring the

  • Travel themed shadow box

Putting in tickets and receipts in the box for memory would be nice.

  • Luggage tags

Lots of luggage tend to look alike at the airport so having a creative tag will help.

  • Toothbrush sanitizer

I am very conscious about my toothbrush being packed.

  • 4 in 1 lens enhancement

Pictures are the whole point of vacation.

  • Wearable IPhone chargers bracelets

This is a cute and easy way to keep up with a charger.

  • Travel size flask

There is no party without liquor.

  • And a ticket to anywhere (to travel to another place after I leave Dubai)

I would also need a brand new wardrobe for each event I will be participating in while I am in Dubai. Also a beach bag full of goodies for the poolside. I need the most breath taking shades to stunt while I am on vacation. I will need slide to walk around in the hotel in. also a cute pajama set would be nice but I want a different one for every night. When I am on vacation I want to feel cute this is the reason why i would need these extra items.

The Dinner Party

My dream dinner party would be held in Paris overlooking an infinity pool with a view of the Eiffel tower. I have always wanted to visit Paris. A photo of this dinner party would be legendary and the background would only make it better.

The guest in attendance would consist of the following:

  • Rihanna- the music Artist and creative director of puma for women’s wear
  • Future- the Rapper who aspires to join the fashion industry
  • Naomi Campbell- the Model and Actress
  • Oliver Rounsteing- the creative director of Balmain
  • Briana Wilson- the creator of MATTE brand (online shop)
  • Chanel Iman- The Model
  • Tyra Banks- The Model, the host of America’s Next Top Model and Actress
  • A$AP Rocky- The Rapper with a collaboration collection with Guess
  • Nadirah Shabazz- A College student and my cousin

All of these figures are people with a connection to fashion except who would be there for moral support and to make sure everything runs smoothly. She wants to be an event planner so I would get her to put together and book everything. I chose these guests because they are black people who made a way for themselves and holds importance in fashion to me.

At this the menu will be soul food. Ribs, fried pork chops, barbeque chicken, macaroni, rice with turkey gravy, collard greens, will be served. For desert there will be pound cake and apple pie. I would serve this food to give the party a comfortable vibe.

The topic of conversation would revolve around fashion and music. I want to hear about experience in the fashion industry. I want to know what it is like working with each other musically. I want them to explain the price of fame and how it affected them. I want the know the story to how they got into the positions their in today




Dream Job

I have two dream job. One is working for Balmain. My other dream job is to have my own business selling high class street wear with sub branch stores. I love Balmain fashion. The new Director is goals. Olivier Rousteing has been running Balmain since 2011 at the age of 25. Ha was so young and was able to replace the creative director after working for Balmain all of three years.

I have already put together a portfolio of my designs drawn out. I plan to digitize them and create an online portfolio. I probably need more practice with the sewing machine before I think about wanting to work at a The House of Balmain. I also want to learn how to do embroidery since that is big with the brand.

Currently I am under the works of creating an online shop if I complete my research and planning. I want to create a site with multiple collections selling limited quantities of merchandise. I don’t like wearing the same article of clothing as someone else so I don’t want my customers to have this same issue.

I created a youtube account so that when my start up brand is ready I will have enough subscribers to promote my brand. I plan on having a good turn out, I am just scared I will not live up to my expectation. I would be so devastated I might give up on my dreams. I don’t want that to happen so I have kinda been putting off this project of mines.